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MTW-4001-sky Custom Skyline Chili™ Restaurant

Skyline Chili™
Feeling good and hungry?™

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Skyline Chili™ Restaurant, instructions cover shot

Instruction Cover shot

This gorgeous custom kit builds a stunning model of a Skyline Chili™ restaurant.

Originating in 1949 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Skyline Chili is a genuine phenomenon. Produced in tribute by a longtime fan, this model recreates the Skyline experience in glorious detail for your minifigs so they too can enjoy the wonder that is Skyline.

Made under license by special arrangement with Skyline Chili™ in a strictly limited edition run of 25 copies total across all production runs, this model was only available for a limited time.

This model sets a new Milton Train Works™ record for parts - at well over twice as many as my previous record. More importantly, it is the first officially licensed craftsman kit produced for the connoisseur market.

Front View

Front View

This front view shows many of the distinctive Skyline trade dress features accurately reproduced in this craftsman model, including the yellow and blue checkered decorative wall banding, the yellow curved awnings over each window, and the blue window sills, highlighting the Skyline corporate color scheme of blue and yellow.

Also visible in this view is the gorgeous custom logo sticker featured on the paddle sign which juts high above the rest of the restaurant so hungry travelers can quickly find sustenance. This sticker features the Skyline Chili™ logo printed in full, vivid and highly saturated, color.

A patron (not included) is exiting via the front door. Patrons enter hungry, but exit happy.

As is typical with modern (and vintage) chain restaurants, the rear facade is not as dramatic as the front, but is more functionally oriented. A rear entrance door, not visible in this view, allows easy entrance and exit for the weary crew after a hard days work sating the appetites of hungry chili fans. It admits to the separate back section of the building. This section also houses a walkin storage area with shelving.

The outside features a roof access ladder that leads to the lower roof, along with an additional ladder section to grant access to the main roof.

Another distinctive feature visible in this view is the drive thru service area. A menu board to allow drivers to make their selections features a custom sticker with a detailed menu and decorative striping in the distinctive blue and yellow check pattern. After placing their orders via the speaker below the menu board, drivers proceed to the pickup window where they get their order. The entire service area is protected by a generous canopy. To backdate the model to a more unhurried era, omit the window and menu. (parts not included but a few white 1xN should suffice)

Rear View

Rear View

Interior View

Interior View

Although compact enough to fit onto a standard 32x32 baseplate (barely), this model is packed with details inside and out. This view gives a good sense of that. Ample booth seating, an active counter service, lots of counter detail including a pie case, and several napkin holders are all features. The work counter behind the service counter has a lemonade machine, coffee maker and a soda fountain.

Patrons(not supplied) can enjoy the spacious booth seating, complete with tufted upholstery and an individual napkin holder for each table (those cheese coneys CAN get a little messy sometimes...), or they can seat themselves at sturdy blue stools at the counter.

Here is the Skyline Chili™ logo so you can examine the lovely art deco text style, and Cincinnati's skyline in relief. Skyline got its name because the very first restaurant, opened back in 1949, was perched high atop a hill in Cincinnati's outskirts, and had a dramatic view of the Skyline. The logo has featured it ever since.

How many famous buildings can you identify?

This logo is used several times in artwork for the model. on stickers for the large outdoor sign, on stickers for the torsos (2 required, 4 included), and one extra medium sized logo to use as decoration as you see fit.

Also included in the sticker sheet are several pieces of striping for you to use as decoration as you see fit, and the drive through menu sign sticker.

Skyline Chili™ Logo

The world famous logo

split open view - kitchen side

Split Open View - Kitchen Side

The model features an innovative dual accessibility mechanism to allow easy manipulation of the myriad details of the interior. The roof comes off, which is often sufficient for minor adjustments. But for those times when you really have some work to do (or you really want to show off those details) the entire model splits open along a hinge cleverly built into the back wall. Several Technic pins serve as attachment points, and since they are not all in the same plane, the model is surprisingly rugged.

This kitchen side view highlights our hardworking shortorder cook (included). He proudly wears a Skyline logo on his tee shirted torso, thanks to the torso sticker (4 included, 2 required) you get. He has to hustle, because Skyline is known for lightning fast service. They have to be. The downtown Skyline store across from the Cincinnati Bell building, (where I first got my addiction) can turn 500 happy customers during a typical weekday lunch hour in under 2000 square feet.

This view of the interior when split open shows happy patrons in one of the ample booth seats, other patrons at the counter and in additional booths along the side windows. (Patrons not included)

Our hardworking waitress (included), bedecked in a white jersey with Skyline logo is serving a drooling patron (less than 3 minutes after he ordered, very typical) at a booth.

To the left is the cash register and display case for patrons to pay on their way out, and perhaps pick up a York™ Peppermint Patty (another Skyline tradition is to get one or more of these on your way out).

The detachable roof is held on by a few carefully positioned studs but is easily removable due to the generous provision of tiles throughout most of the inner cornice layer.

The floor features full black and white checked tiling. A few strategically placed plates here and there allow for positioning figs in various walking positions. You can rearrange these as you see fit, should you so choose.

split open view - dining side

Split Open View - Dining Side

split Open View - both sides with roof

Split Open View - Both Sides with Roof

This view shows how the split functions a bit more clearly, as well as giving a sense of proportion for the model.

Placed in front of the open model in this view is the removable roof. Notice the intricate ventilator detail on the removable flat roof. These ventilators ensure that the delicious chili aroma, with hints of nutmeg and other secret ingredients, is gently vented to the outside where it can tantalise passers by.

At home in any era layout from the 1940s to today, this model sets a new standard in craftsmanship. Be one of the few who own a genuine licensed original. Buy today!

Excerpt from color instructions

Excerpt from color instructions

As with all Milton Train Works™ models, you get a fantastic set of instructions, featuring cropped views, cutaways, subassemblies and other nuances to make this a fast and fun build. These instructions, while not quite "The LEGO® Group" quality, are amazingly close and are thorough and accurate. They will allow you to quickly and correctly assemble this set. You will receive a high quality printed or photocopied set of instructions, as well as all the required parts to create one instance of the restaurant.

These instructions were created with MLCad, an LDraw compatible CAD modeling program especially designed for use with LEGO® and compatible elements. After the painstaking transcription, I checked the instructions for accuracy, generated the parts list and had a fellow Bricksmith™ print them, doublesided, on a color laser printer, ensuring that you get the sharpest instructions offered by any limited run custom LEGO® kit producer on the market today. (B&W instructions are included, color instructions are an optional extra cost item, inquire for details)

Please note, special newly devised techniques have been employed in the instruction generation and rendering process to ensure that the part outlines are clearly visible and that you will have no trouble telling part boundaries whether you get color or black and white instructions.

Here are the two hardworking Skyliners you get with the kit. Both are in a uniform of blue slacks and a white longsleeved tee with the Skyline logo proudly emblazoned in front.

The short order cook has a pot of that delectable chili at hand and is wearing a baseball cap for sanitary reasons, while the waitress has a 3 Way ready to serve and has her hair put up as well.

Patrons you saw pictured are not included although I am considering a figpack to go with this set. Inquire if interested.


Minifigs included

Note that some images may be from the preproduction version.

Produced under license. All rights reserved.

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Solution Graphics


The Skyline Chili™ trademarks, logo, and Skyline trade dress are used under a non transferable license from Skyline Chili™ which reserves all other rights. Purchaser has the right to use and enjoy this kit but does not receive any rights to Skyline trade dress for any other use whatsoever.

For more information on Skyline Chili™ please visit their great site.

Feeling good and hungry?™

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