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Custom Models

Want a custom model? MTW can provide a town or train themed custom model to your specifications, or can design one to fit your theme. We can create Microfig scale or Minifig scale models as you desire. These can be one off models or short production run models for us in promotional activites. We can source the elements needed or for large runs, suggest ways that you can source them and work with elements you supply. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget.


Want a display, perhaps with operating features? MTW can, singly, or working with our partners, provide a display to your specifications, with operating features as you direct, at your facility. Displays can be cased, or can be operating layouts. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget.


Want an impressive statue? MTW can, singly or working with our partners, provide statues to your specifications, for display at your facility. Since statues typically need to be glued for safety reasons, you will need to purchase them outright. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget.

Examples of our work

Kelloggs Cereal City Summer Block Party

MTW is proud to have helped Kellogg's Cereal City create the statues and displays for their Summer Block Party. You can find information about how we helped here.

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