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Tony the Tiger®

This page presents some construction images and additional information about the process of creating Tony the Tiger®.

Prelimary Design Work

Artwork courtesy of KCCUSA

Original Art

Many hours of planning were invested before the first Lego brick was laid. Estimates were made for the number of elements, colors, and types that would be needed to build a six foot tall model. The elements were sourced by MTW using Bricklink. Kellogg's supplied some artwork and small toy models of Tony. The team studied these items and a general pose was agreed upon that would give Tony a dynamic quality while not undermining the model's strength and stability.

Design Study

A 1/3 scale representation model of Tony was built with Lego. This miniature model was used as a guide in constructing the full sized version. This allowed the team to quickly investigate and iterate various stances and proportions. Construction of the full sized model by a small dedicated team of individuals took two months.


Armature & Base Design

Steel Armature Design


Since the Tony the Tiger sculpture would be exposed to KCC visitors, a steel armature endoskeleton and base was designed and fabricated. The steel armature supports the model and the base resists tipping.


The base was fabricated from wood, covered with automotive "speakerbox" carpet. Casters on the underside of the base allow the model to be moved, and a weight tray allowed insertion of additional weight for stability.

Underside of Tony's base

Building Timeline

Week 1: Chris Leach checks
the fit of the mid torso
to the leg template

Week 2: Mini-Tony guides
the proportions of the
full sized construction

Week 3: Start of the head

Week 4: Dave Laswell
shows off Tony's arm

Week 5: Jim Garrett
hammers away on a section
of Tony's upper torso. Fitting
large sections together
sometimes requires the use
of a rubber mallet (or worse).

Week 6: Nearing completion
and ready for the steel

Week 7: Steel armatures
installed. The raised arm is
finished. The tail remains to
be designed.

Week 8: Ready for Delivery!
After final gluing and
ballasting of the base.


Tony in-place 1

Tony® in context at KCCUSA

Tony in-place 2

Installed! whew!

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